How to Remain a Happy Person

Happiness is defined, understood, and means different things to different people. For example, someone’s happiness might be singing or holding a baby or staying with their spouses. Though satisfaction varies from one person to another, some factors contribute to being a happier and better person in life. One’s engagements, changes in life, and activities from day to day determine the level of happiness that individuals experience.

Also, happiness is contagious, and if you are in an environment that has happy people, you will definitely be happy as well. Therefore, joy is infectious. Being happy and becoming a better person complement each other. You cannot be a better person if you are not happy, and you can not be satisfied if you are not a better person. Below are some of the ways you can be a happy person and, in turn, a better person.

Change Your Attitude

Challenges a part of human life, but how you respond to them creates a difference, and this is all determined by your attitude. When faced with challenges, one should handle them with a positive outlook, meaning a positive mind. This does not necessarily mean avoiding or fading away from the unhappy events but seeing opportunity in each occurrence. For example, remembering that the negative situations are just temporary and are opportunities to gain skills for better problem-solving.

Another way to change your attitude is to train yourself to express gratitude regularly. This means remembering to appreciate both small and big things in life as they have a high potential to impact on your happiness and growth. Some people have gone to the extent of keeping records of their joyful moments, such as photos, to remind them of how they feel when happy.

Stress management can address most situations that can render unhappiness or reduce productivity in life. Stress may be due to a lack of contentment, especially in wealthy people who report relatively high levels of dissatisfaction. It is critical to remain contented after settling bills and other compulsory expenses. Try not to live a life like any other person but lead your own life by engaging in activities that are only meaningful to your personal life.

Influence Your Actions

To be happy and become a better person, one should do things that make them smile and thing that they enjoy. This implies involving in your interests as this will provide an opportunity to explore most of the things that can make you a better person. One way to influence your actions is to be in a circle of positive people, either at work, school, or where most time is spent. Staying with positive and supportive friends plays a major role in emotional health and happiness. Consider letting go of people with continuously negative and endless complaints, as their attitude can greatly affect your happiness and growth.

Understanding what is meant by self-care to oneself and practicing it is an ingredient towards becoming a happy and better person. For example, spending time in a quiet environment surrounded by books is an approach that can work for some people. This is an excellent opportunity to read about the concept, reading write-ups that motivate you. Meditating on the knowledge will not only make you happy but also grow your experience.


Being happy and becoming a better person is different for different people. It requires understanding oneself, what makes your life happy, and what annoys you. As a result, it will be easy to make an informed decision on what to do to remain happy. However, this article has given you some good tips on how to become a happier and better person.